Key dates in 2021 – Affiliate marketing calendar(聯盟行銷絕佳銷售日曆表)

Make these dates on your calendar

Would you like to have all of the most important dates collected in one place in some kind of affiliate marketing calendar? MyLead is here to help! All the hottest sales periods and some unusual holidays that, in our opinion, can be used in an interesting way in the context of affiliate marketing are here for you. Holidays such as Chocolate Day or Emoji Day are a great opportunity to attract organic traffic to social media, right? Skilful use of this type of opportunity, referring to communication to the industry you deal with, can turn out to be a bull’s eye. In fact, we have mentioned more than once that 2021 is the year with the motto “seasonality”. Don’t waste your time and get ready now!

Key dates in 2021 - Affiliate marketing calendar(Q1: JANUARY - MARCH)


New Year’s resolutions are on top in January. Setting new goals and losing weight after the magical Christmas time… We all know that. Start the year by preparing campaigns to help your customers achieve these things. Keep in mind that there are ongoing promotions and don’t forget about the saddest day of the year. Give your customers a little smile on Blue Monday and they’ll pay you back. You think it’s not necessary to talk about the months we already have passed? Well.. the next Year’s going to have them all too, so get a notebook and write down everything you need to know.

The New Year’s excitement is slowly waning in February, so you can postpone campaigns for new running shoes. The biggest events of February are Valentine’s Day (14/02), Super Bowl (07/02), and Chinese New Year (12/02) – if you just think about how to go about them, you have a chance to make a huge profit. Prepare some sweepstakes campaigns for the ones who don’t like to spend much on their gifts and make sure to choose something from the Beauty category. MyLead has many campaigns for these occasions. February is the last chance for some fun. Make sure your customers manage to go crazy for Mardi Gras/Pancake Day (16/02).

March smells like spring and flowers that will appear in the homes of all women in the world. This month we’re changing the vibe of our activities a bit. This time it will be the power of women. For math fans – Pi Day (14/03), and do not forget Britain’s Mother’s Day (14/03). This month will also be important because of occasions such as St. Patrick’s Day (17/03), or First Day of Spring (20/03). Seasonality is a hit this year – we’re going to repeat that as a mantra.

Key dates in 2021 - Affiliate marketing calendar(Q2: APRIL - JUNE)


Easter time is here (04/04)! Some will spend it in reflection and joy, others will be searching for chocolate and other sweets. How about hiding an Easter Egg in your campaigns? Your audience will surely appreciate this gesture. On the other hand, in April, Ramadan (12/04) begins. This could mean a decline in leads in some parts of the world. Do not stop smiling and prepare yourself for Earth Day (22/04). “There’s no planet B”, you know? Any pro-ecological campaigns will hit the spot here.

May the Force be with you especially on May 4th. Prepare something special for all Star Wars fans and don’t forget that Cinco de Mayo (05/05) is celebrated the day after. May is also a month commemorating all mothers. Small and larger gifts are something worth promoting this month.

June is the month of Pride. The whole month will therefore be in the colours of the rainbow. This year, Eurogames are planned, postponed from 2020. Other important occasions? Juneteenth, Father’s Day, and of course, Tour de France. And most importantly – summer begins in June. (Finally!) The time for holiday trips will begin in a moment. Campaigns in the Travel category are something worth focusing on now. Check out MyLead’s offer right now!

Key dates in 2021 - Affiliate marketing calendar(3)(Q3: JULY - SEPTEMBER)


We’ve all made it to the holiday season. Make sure your customers have the best entertainment during the holidays and prepare something sweet for chocolate lovers (02/07). In July, the postponed Olympic Games will happen. So we’re coming back to sports emotions! Other important occasions: Canada Day (01/07) and Independence Day (04/07) in the USA! It will be a blast!

August is the quietest month in many countries. Perhaps not much happens then, but that’s not a reason to cry. We are starting the Back to School Season! Every student will understand the rush so make sure to prepare something cool. Notebooks and pencils are back in the game! Hey, MyLead! Do you have any programs for the occasion? Sure, we have!

On September 1, people go back to the school desks, or at least… their laptops. Some even say that September is like January. The new school year, new me, right? Let people who have never promised that they will start studying hard this year cast the stone first. On the other hand, for the slightly older ones, nice news – Oktoberfest is about to begin (18/09).

Key dates in 2021 - Affiliate marketing calendar(3)(Q4: OCTOBER - DECEMBER)


Here comes the scariest month of the year! Okay, there’s really nothing to be afraid of. Unless you are concerned about the huge traffic during Halloween (31/10). Monsters, ghosts, and huge pumpkins are something that will not be missing this month. Get ready for November as well. The next month will be a marketing challenge!

The biggest shopping madness is about to start, but before that happens – it’s time for Diwali (04/11) and Bonfire Night (05/11). Got something special for Black Friday (26/11) and Cyber Monday (29/11)? These two huge earning opportunities cannot be left on their own. Small Business Saturday (27/11) also takes place in November, followed by Hannukah (28/11). These are the last days before December!

It’s finally here! It’s time to buy some Christmas gifts! And once you’re filled with gingerbread, the winter sales will begin. The next year passed incredibly fast. Maybe it’s time for a little recap on New Year’s Eve?


The above-mentioned holidays are important. But they’re not the only ones. Here are a few more occasions worth remembering. Seasonality is a keyword this year, so you can’t ignore the changes in seasons or occasions such as holidays or back to school. Sports enthusiasts should pay attention to events such as the Super Bowl (07/02), Tour de France (26/06), and the FIFA Club World Cup (scheduled for December). Cultural events worth keeping in mind are the 93rd Oscars Awards (25/04) or the 63rd Grammy Awards (31/01), and if this year is a bit more gracious, all kinds of festivals (e.g. Coachella on April 9) will happen.

Okay, are you ready for the upcoming months now? Remember that all of the greatest campaigns are waiting for you on MyLead. Would you give them a try? Let us know!





三月的氣味像春天和花朵,將出現在世界上所有婦女的家中。本月我們將稍微改變我們的活動氛圍。這次將是女性的力量。對於數學迷來說-Pi Day(14/03),不要忘了英國的母親節(14/03)。由於某些場合,例如聖帕特里克節(17/03)或春季的第一天(20/03),本月也很重要。季節性是今年的熱門話題-我們將重複這一點作為口頭禪。



願原力與您同在,尤其是5月4日。為所有《星球大戰》迷準備一些特別的東西,別忘了第二天慶祝Cinco de Mayo(05/05)。五月也是一個紀念所有母親的月份。大小禮物都值得在這個月推廣。











上述假期很重要。但是它們不是唯一的。這裡還有一些值得記住的場合。季節性是今年的關鍵詞,因此您不能忽略季節或場合的變化,例如假期或返校。體育愛好者應注意諸如超級碗(07/02),環法自行車賽(26/06)和FIFA Club World Cup(計劃於12月舉行)的活動。值得銘記的文化活動是第93屆奧斯卡金像獎(25/04)或第63屆格萊美獎(31/01),如果今年的氣氛更加親切,那麼各種各樣的節日(例如4月9日的科切拉節)都將舉行。




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